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Breast Augmentation Cost Turkey - Natural Boob Job In Istanbul Turkey

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What is Breast Augmentation (Breast Enlargement, Boob Job) In Turkey?

Breast Implants are inserted during a cosmetic surgical technique called Breast Augmentation to improve the size, shape, and look of the breasts. This operation aims to provide the patient a more proportional, balanced body as well as greater self-assurance and happiness with their look.

Breast Augmentation Advantages in Turkey

What are the advantages of Breast Augmentation in Turkey?

The following are some benefits of having Breast Augmentation in Turkey:

  • Cost: Turkey is a well-known medical tourism destination, and Breast Augmentation surgery there is frequently less expensive than in other nations.
  • Expertise: Breast Augmentation treatments are performed by Turkish plastic surgeons who have years of expertise and excellent levels of ability.
  • Modern technology and equipment are available in Turkey, which may lead to better results and quicker recoveries.
  • High-Quality Care: Turkey has a good healthcare system, and there are numerous hospitals and clinics there that provide high-quality services.
  • Turkey is a readily accessible tourist destination from many different nations, making it in a convenient location.

What are the Breast Augmentation types in Turkey?

Saline or silicone implants are usually used for Breast Augmentation in Turkey. Your specific demands, body shape, and desired results will determine the best type of implant for you. In Turkey, some of the most popular Breast Augmentation procedures are:

  • Silicone implants are renowned for their natural-looking and feeling silicone gel filling.
  • Saline implants are less costly than silicone implants because they are filled with a sterile saltwater solution.
  • Round implants are frequently utilised to give the breasts fullness and a round shape.
  • Teardrop implants are used to give breasts a more natural-looking contour. They are formed like a teardrop.
  • The textured surface of these implants helps to lower the likelihood of capsular contracture (hardening of the tissue around the implant).
  • Smooth implants have a smooth surface that can help lower the risk of capsular contracture, but they may be more prone to ripple or wrinkle with time.

Are you a good candidate for Breast Augmentation?

The following are some broad indicators that someone is a suitable candidate for Breast Augmentation:

  • Physically healthy and free of any illnesses that can enhance the risks of surgery, the patient is in good health.
  • The patient has reasonable hopes for how the surgery will turn out.
  • The patient wants a change because they are dissatisfied with the size, shape, or symmetry of their breasts.
  • The patient does not smoke or is prepared to give up smoking before the treatment.
  • The patient has had all of her children and doesn't intend to have any more.

What to do before getting a Boob Job?

There are numerous things you may take to get ready before having a Breast Augmentation procedure:

  • Do your homework to choose a licenced, skilled plastic surgeon: Find a plastic surgeon who has expertise conducting Breast Augmentation surgeries and who has a reputation for producing outcomes that seem natural by doing your research.
  • Decide when to consult: Discuss your objectives and anticipated outcomes throughout the session, and ask any questions you may have. For the purpose of determining if you are a good candidate for the operation, your surgeon will also conduct a physical examination.
  • Avoid drinking and quit smoking: Smoking might raise the risks of surgery and hasten the healing process. It is advised to give up smoking and drinking several weeks before the treatment.
  • Preoperative drug avoidance: Aspirin is one medicine that should be avoided since it increases the risk of bleeding. You will receive a list of drugs to stay away from your surgeon.
  • Plan for a driver to take you home after the operation: You'll need a driver to take you home and be with you for the first 24-48 hours after the treatment.
  • Stock up on groceries, clean your home, and make arrangements for a housekeeper to assist you while you heal.

How is surgery for Breast Augmentation performed?

 The procedure for Breast Augmentation is as follows:

  • Anaesthetic: Depending on the patient's preferences and the surgeon's suggestion, the patient will either get local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia.
  • Incision: The surgeon will make an incision in one of three places: either in the armpit, areola, or along the crease under the breast.
  • Making a pocket: The surgeon will make a space above or below the chest muscle for the implant.
  • Placing the implant: The implant will be put in the pocket made in step 3 through the incision.
  • Closing the incisions: Sutures, skin adhesive, or surgical tape will be used to close the incisions. The incisions will be covered with a dressing.

How long do Breast Augmentation last?

The quality of the operation, the type of implants used, the patient's anatomy and lifestyle, and other variables all affect how long Breast Augmentation lasts. Saline implants typically last between 10 and 15 years, but silicone implants can last up to 20 years. However, issues like implant rupture or capsular contracture may need early implant replacement or removal. It's crucial to follow up with your surgeon on a regular basis and to get help right away if you detect any changes to or issues with your implants.

What should I avoid after Breast Augmentation?

Avoiding certain behaviours and activities after Breast Augmentation surgery is crucial for healthy healing and to lower the chance of problems. Things to keep away from include:

  • Heavy lifting, vigorous exercise, and other activities that might strain the chest muscles should be avoided for a few weeks following surgery.
  • Smoking should be avoided both before and after surgery since it might slow healing and raise the risk of problems.
  • Touching or manipulating the incisions should be avoided as this might speed up the risk of infection and interfere with the healing process.
  • For a few weeks following surgery, stay out of the sun and stay away from hot tubs, saunas, and other extremely hot or cold sources.
  • For several weeks following surgery, it's crucial to sleep on your back because doing so can put pressure on your chest and slow the healing process.
  • Following your procedure, your plastic surgeon will give you thorough instructions on what to avoid. He or she will also schedule follow-up visits to assess how you are doing. To track your progress, adhere to these instructions and show up at all scheduled follow-up appointments. A successful procedure must be ensured, and complications must be kept to a minimum.

What should be done after Breast Augmentation?

To guarantee good recovery and lower the chance of problems after Breast Augmentation surgery, it's crucial to adhere to your plastic surgeon's advice. Among the topics to think about are:

  • Rest and recovery: Following surgery, you'll need to take it easy and give your body time to recuperate. Avoid intense exercise, and adhere to the advised recovery period before returning to regular activities.
  • Pain management: To control discomfort following the procedure, your surgeon might prescribe pain medication. Take the medication as prescribed and adhere to any pain relief or anti-inflammatory regiments.
  • Attend all follow-up appointments with your plastic surgeon to track your progress and guarantee proper healing. The implants will be properly positioned after your surgeon checks the incisions, removes any staples or stitches, and removes any stitches.
  • Wearing a post-surgical bra: To support the implants and reduce swelling, your surgeon might advise wearing a post-surgical bra. Regarding when and how long to wear the bra, abide by your surgeon's instructions.
  • Maintaining a regular check on the look and feel of your breasts and letting your plastic surgeon know if anything changes or causes you any concern is important.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle: Eating a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, quitting smoking, and limiting your alcohol intake can all aid in the promotion of healing and enhance the results of your surgery.
Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant Turkey


What is the difference between Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant?

Although they are frequently used synonymously, Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant are two separate things.

Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic surgical operation in which Breast Implants are inserted to improve the size and form of the breasts. Surgery's objectives include enhancing the breasts' overall look, increasing breast fullness, and enhancing symmetry.

On the other hand, during a Breast Augmentation operation, the actual devices that are implanted are called Breast Implant. Saline and silicone gel implants are the two primary varieties of Breast Implant. The best kind of implant depends on the person's objectives and anatomy and comes in many forms, sizes, and textures

How much does Breast Augmentation cost in Turkey?

The price of a Boob Job in Turkey might vary based on a number of elements, including the surgeon's credentials and track record, the kind of implant utilised, the clinic's location, etc. With prices averaging between US$3,000 and US$6,000, Breast Augmentation is often less expensive in Turkey than in other nations. A plastic surgeon's consultation is usually advised to obtain a precise cost estimate for your particular operation.

Why is Breast Augmentation cheaper in Turkey?

Turkey offers Breast Enlargement at a lower cost than other countries with its own government due to any of elements, containing lower operating expenses, lower overhead costs for medical facilities, and lower payrolls for medical team. Additionally, the Turkish government actively encourages medical travel, that has reduced costs and raised race between hospitals and clinics. Additionally, Turkey's lower expense influences the cost of medical processes like Breast Enhancement. However, it is important to keep in mind that when selecting place to have a medical process performed, elements like the experience and credentials of the medical team, the standard of the facility, and the patient's private comfort should also be taken into account.

What are the benefits of Breast Augmentation in Turkey?

Having a Breast Augmentation treatment in Turkey has a number of advantages, such as:

  • Less expensive: As previously indicated, Breast Augmentation treatments in Turkey often cost less than those performed in other nations, making it a viable alternative for many patients.
  • Surgeons who are qualified and experienced: Turkey has a long history of cosmetic surgery and medical tourism, and the nation is home to numerous highly skilled and knowledgeable plastic surgeons who focus in Breast Augmentation treatments.
  •  Modern, well-equipped medical facilities with the most recent technology and procedures in plastic surgery are available in Turkey.
  • Convenient location: Patients visiting for medical treatment can stay in Turkey because it is a well-liked tourism destination.
  • High-quality outcomes: Patients who have had Breast Augmentation operations in Turkey frequently comment on the high-quality outcomes and great experience they had. Many clinics also provide each patient with individualised care and attention.

How painful is Breast Augmentation?

Patients won't experience any discomfort during Breast Augmentation because it's normally done under general anaesthetic. Nevertheless, some patients could feel some discomfort and agony following the treatment; these symptoms are often treatable with painkillers.

The level of discomfort felt following a Breast Augmentation treatment varies from patient to patient and may be influenced by elements including the size and kind of implants used, the surgical method, and the patient's general health.

A few days following the operation, patients can often anticipate some discomfort, edoema, and tenderness in the breast region. Most patients are able to resume their regular activities within a few days to a week after these symptoms progressively fade over the ensuing weeks.

What is the safest Breast Enhancement?

The kind of treatment, the surgeon's credentials and expertise, and the patient's general health all play a role in how safe a Breast Augmentation procedure is. The following are some of the most secure Breast Augmentation methods:

  • Silicone implants are thought to be safe and have been used for many years in Breast Augmentation. Compared to saline implants, they are less prone to leak or rupture.
  • Breast Augmentation with fat transfer: This surgery involves taking fat from another part of the body and putting it to the breasts. The use of the patient's own tissue lowers the likelihood of issues like implant rejection or infection, making it a safer alternative.
  • Breast lift: A breast lift is an operation to remove extra skin and shape the breasts so that develop their image. Women who are anxious about sagging but do not intend to change the size of their breasts should consider this more reliable alternative.

Is Breast Augmentation better than breast lift?

The operations of Breast Augmentation and breast lift are distinct and treat different issues. The demands and goals of each patient will determine which surgery is "better."

Breast Augmentation, which uses implants to enlarge the breasts, is frequently advised for women who are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts or who wish to add volume following weight loss, pregnancy, or lactation.

Contrarily, a breast lift is intended to correct sagging or drooping breasts and is often advised for women who have lost the elasticity in their breasts as a result of ageing, pregnancy, or other circumstances.

Combining Breast Augmentation with breast lift may be effective for a woman who wishes to enlarge her breasts and enhance their overall form.

How long is a Breast Surgery?

The time of a Breast Enlargement process can change contingent upon various determinants, containing the type of implants being used, the size of the implants, and the surgical method being used. On average, a Breast Enlargement process usually takes between one and two hours to complete. However, it is crucial to think about seriously that restoration period can change and will depend the individual patient and in consideration of the process.

What does a Breast Enlargament involve?

In order to improve the size, fullness, and projection of the breasts during Breast Enlargement, also known as Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants are employed. The procedure can also be performed to boost breast volume after losing weight, getting pregnant, or under other conditions that could do so. Frequently, the process includes the following steps:

  • Anaesthesia: The patient receives either general or local anesthesia, depending on the extent of the procedure and their personal preferences.
  • The surgeon may make an incision anywhere from the crease beneath the breast to the region around the nipple to the underside of the arm.
  • Implant placement: The surgeon makes a pocket for the implant beneath the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. The pocket is then filled with the implant.
  • Closing the wound: Sutures, surgical tape, or skin adhesive are used to close the incision.

Can you enlarge your breast naturally?

Without surgery or Breast Implant, you can naturally improve your size and appearance.

Exertion: Specific exercises, such as regular massage of oil sand creams into the breasts, can help increase blood flow, promote lymphdrainage, and stimulate breast tissue growth. Breast tissue growth can be supported. Products made from soy, linseeds and peaches are high-quality food.

Herbal supplements: Fennel, fenugreek, and saw palmetto are some herbs that are considered to increase the body's hormone level, thus improving the size and volume of the breast.

Will breasts look natural after Breast Augmentation surgery?

The type of implants used, where they are placed, the surgeon's competence and experience, as well as the patient's unique anatomy, will all affect the results of Breast Augmentation surgery. Breast Augmentation often aims to increase breast size and shape while yet keeping a natural look.

The breasts can appear and feel natural after Breast Augmentation if the procedure is done properly. The breasts won't necessarily resemble how they did before to the operation, though. The form and texture of the breasts can vary due to the implants, and some patients may notice changes in nipple sensitivity.

How much time does Breast Augmentation surgery recovery take?

Depending on the patient and the complexity of the treatment, recuperation time following Breast Augmentation surgery will vary. For the first few days to a week following surgery, patients can often anticipate some degree of edoema, bruising, and pain.

Within a week or two of surgery, the majority of patients can resume modest activity and employment, but prolonged physical activity, such as vigorous exercise, should be avoided for a few weeks. When you can return to your regular activities, your surgeon will let you know and will provide you detailed postoperative instructions.

Depending on the type of implants used, the patient's rate of healing, and the length of the procedure, the whole recovery process might take several weeks to several months. Patients may anticipate some changes in sensitivity and feeling throughout this period as the breasts may continue to alter form as they find their ultimate position.

Is there a difference between saline and silicone implant?

The difference between silicone and saline implants is real. Although both types of implants are utilised for Breast Augmentation, each has unique qualities and benefits.

A sterile saltwater solution fills saline implants. When placed, they are filled to the proper size after being inserted into the breast pocket empty. Saline implants often cost less than silicone ones and are less prone to rupture or leak.

A soft, cohesive silicone gel is used to fill silicone implants. In comparison to saline implants, they offer a more natural feel and appearance since the silicone gel is pre-filled into them prior to implantation.